Top 10 (12 really) Board Games to Play with your Family when Stuck In

While we're all at home more these days, one way to get the whole family away from their screens and away from each other's throats is to sit around the table and engage in a battle of wits. There are dozens of great family board games that can help do just that. Here are our favorites.

Last Updated: Thursday, March 19, 2020

1) King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo
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It's a fight to the death when giant monsters battle over Tokyo in this dice-roller. ...

2) Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
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Sharks, whales, and sea monsters, oh my! Hurry and escape before Atlantis disappears! ...

3) Werewords
20 questions with a twist... a time limit and a sneaky werewolf who knows the answer! ...

4) Small World
Small World
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Control one fantasy race after another to expand quickly throughout the land. ...

5) Chronicles of Crime
Chronicles of Crime
Lay out the case, interrogate suspects, and investigate crime scenes with your phone. ...

6) Lords of Vegas
Lords of Vegas
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Build, expand, and take over casinos to get big profits and big points. ...

7) Balderdash
Can you sort the real definition from your opponents' bluffs and fool them too? ...

8) The Quacks of Quedlinburg
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
Pull ingredients from your stock to make your pot bubble, but hopefully not explode! ...

9) Horrified
Classic movie monsters terrorize a town! Can your team stop them in time? ...

10) 5-Minute Marvel
5-Minute Marvel
Marvel Superheros must beat the clock in a chaotic race to defeat the villains. ...

11) Jamaica
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Race around Jamaica to claim its spoils. Beware! The fastest doesn't always win! ...

12) Machi Koro Legacy
Machi Koro Legacy
Machi Koro Legacy features the same gameplay as Machi Koro. You are still rolling dice, you are still collecting income, and you are still racing to build landmarks — but then you unlock the [censored] and you start earning a little extra income by [censored], and then you start to explore the [censored] and you have to make a choice between [censored] and [censored]. Even if you aren't in contention to win a given game, you still have [censored] to set up exciting [censored] for the next one. And then the [paragraph deleted]... Machi Koro Legacy features a ten-game series that ...