BGG Hotness

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Last Updated: Saturday, May 15, 2021

1) Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
A card drafting, engine building, civilization game. ...

2) Destinies
Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game. The first in a series of games using a brand-new system called Destinies. This game is set in a dark medieval-fantasy universe. The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience, without the need for a game master. Each scenario depicts a part of a vivid world, full of dark stories, epic NPCs and mysteries to solve. Each player takes the role of a hero on a quest to fulfill their destiny. Each destiny is a final goal of the character and ...

3) Beyond the Sun
Beyond the Sun
Collectively develop a tech tree to fuel the automation and colonization of space. ...

4) Sleeping Gods
Sleeping Gods
Voyages of the steamship "Manticore" and her crew on the Wandering Sea. ...

5) Hoplomachus: Victorum
Hoplomachus: Victorum
Strategic gladiator combat and adventure with campaign play ...

6) Lost Ruins of Arnak
Lost Ruins of Arnak
Explore an island to find resources and discover the lost ruins of Arnak. ...

7) Dune: Imperium
Dune: Imperium
Influence, intrigue, and combat in the universe of Dune. ...

8) Castle Panic: Deluxe Collection
Castle Panic: Deluxe Collection
Defend the castle with deluxe versions of Castle Panic and all the expansions. ...

9) Voidfall
Repel the Voidborn and restore Domineum in this space 4X for Euro enthusiasts. ...

10) Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Battle Marvel villains with unique teams of iconic heroes in this LCG. ...

11) Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile
Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile
Change the course of history as empires rise and fall and your tale becomes legend. ...

12) Terraforming Mars
Terraforming Mars
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Compete with rival CEOs to make Mars habitable and build your corporate empire. ...

13) ISS Vanguard
ISS Vanguard
A major campaign game, bringing an epic Sci-Fi saga to the table! ...

14) Merchants Cove
Merchants Cove
Operate your own specialty goods shop with a unique set of components and mechanisms. ...

15) Stationfall
A game of blackmail and betrayal, murder and mayhem, danger and destruction. ...