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Last Updated: Thursday, July 22, 2021

1) Fire in the East
Fire in the East
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Fire in the East covers the war in the Soviet Union from the start of the Barbarossa invasion in June 1941 through the end of the Soviet winter counteroffensive in March 1942. It requires two players, with one player controlling the German and German-allied (Rumanian, Finnish, etc.) forces and the other controlling the various Soviet forces: regular troops, militia divisions,and Guards formations. The size of the game makes it well suited to team play: each side can easily be played by a team of two or three players. Fire in the East's 6 multi-color maps stretch from Warsaw to Stalingrad, from ...

2) Art Deck
Art Deck
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Art Deck is a drawing game for 2-6 players. Players are dealt cards from a deck of instructional sentence fragments ("what do to do", "how to do it" and "something that makes it difficult") and deal out a starting sentence with one of each. (eg. "Draw eyes / across half the page / without taking your marker off the page.") On your turn, you play a card onto the sentence, replacing the previous one in that position, and then contribute to a communal drawing, obeying the sentence's instruction. The game continues until someone plays a "sign your name" card and signs the ...

3) Dominion
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Acquire the most valuable lands by building your deck with treasure and power cards. ...

4) Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
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How can the human race survive when you don't know who is actually human? ...

5) Arkham Horror
Arkham Horror
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Work as a team to save the town of Arkham from monsters and a Great Old One. ...

6) Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
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Mutating diseases are spreading around the world - can your team save humanity? ...

7) Alchemists: The King's Golem
Alchemists: The King's Golem
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Alchemists: The King's Golem, an expansion to Alchemists, brings you a new logic puzzle with new rewards and consequences. Can you figure out how to animate a golem? And equally important, can you convince the king you are making progress? The King's Golem actually contains four expansions: In Startup Funding, players get a chance to customize the initial resources in their laboratories. The Busy Days expansion makes each round different by offering new rewards (and new costs!) on the order spaces. The Royal Encyclopedia is an entirely new venue for publishing your ...

8) Alchemists
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Showcase your alchemical know-how by publishing theories in this app-driven game. ...

9) Krosmaster: Quest
Krosmaster: Quest
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Unlike the head-to-head battles of Krosmaster: Arena, Krosmaster: Quest can be played "cooperatively" (with one player as the "demon" and the rest of the players working together), or as a competition as players look for treasures on tiled boards. The box includes seven new Krosmaster figures with character cards (two exclusive), more than 600 pieces, 16 terrain parts (which can be used in Arena), more than 40 settings, and 6 special dice. ...

10) Castle Panic
Castle Panic
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We’re under attack! Protect the castle from the onslaught of fierce monsters. ...

11) Fog of Love
Fog of Love
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Two lovers try to navigate a relationship with different personalities. ...

12) Hammer's Slammers
Hammer's Slammers
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A board game based on the classic novel by Dave Drake. "The Hovertank is amazingly silent for its fusion powered bulk. Even the hiss of the main laser turret would seem quiet to an ancient tank commander." Artillery, tanks, infantry, shells from the sky, etc. "Soon the enemy will know that Colonel Alois Hammer's Slammers have landed." The map represents various battlefield and terrain the mercenaries fought over the latter half of the 3rd Millennium. It has the usual roads, forest, slopes, clear, lake, city, swamp, hill, river, bridge, fortress and rubble terrain. Hammer's Slammers ...

13) Shark Attack!
Shark Attack!
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Summary: The shark goes around in circle devouring fish. The last fish left un-eaten is the winner. Text on back of box: DON'T GET GULPED! It's a race! And a chase! And a swim-for-your-life escape! You are one of four little fish that encounter a shark with a ferocious appetite. You've got to move -- and move fast! Roll the dice and move your fish. But watch out! If you're not fast enough, the motorized shark creeps up behind and swallows your fish. You're out of the game. The last fish to escape that shark's bite ...

14) Labyrinth
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Hunt for treasure in an ever-changing maze. Will you open a path? Or block a rival? ...

15) Pictureka: Disney Edition
Pictureka: Disney Edition
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Finders, keepers. A whole host of Disney characters are hiding from you. Think you’ve found one? Quick. Yell “Pictureka!” and the card’s yours. Fast-paced fun for everyone as you race against the clock or other players to find the most characters and collect the most cards. Test your spotting skills with multiple games and challenges, and combine with other Pictureka! games for even more finding fun! Product Description A whole host of Disney characters are hiding from you, and you'll need to find them when you play Pictureka! Disney Edition . Set out the nine gameboard tiles, then take it in turns ...

16) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – The Crime Game
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – The Crime Game
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From the back of the box: The evidence never lies! CSI: The Crime Game is a fun, interactive, intriguing game that simulates the most popular television show on earth and allows players to experience the excitement of solving a crime. These four new captivating stories can be played with your CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Board Game or on their own with the "Custom CSI Die" included in this game. In either case, players collect three levels of evidence cards from the CSI Characters in seven Crime Lab Divisions. Game Play: Two to four players or teams of players can participate. ...

17) Kings Cribbage
Kings Cribbage
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Take Cribbage and Scrabble, shake well, and you will have Kings Cribbage. The tiles correspond to a standard deck of cards except that there are only two suits (dark brown and light brown). You place the tiles on the board a la Scrabble and try to form the highest Cribbage hand possible. All tiles that are placed must score. Scores are as standard Cribbage for the most part and as in Scrabble you may score in multiple rows and or columns at the same time. No more than 5 tiles may be placed consecutively. ...

18) JabberJot
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Quick! You've got 90 seconds to write a story about a musician, a phone booth and the desert. Make sure you use the words "juggle," "tasty" and "rebel" and write it in the theme of "time travel." It doesn't have to make sense - the wackier the better! If your story is the favorite, you'll win the challenge. JabberJot is the hilarious word game where you create all kinds of wild tales. In each round, you race against the timer to jot out a story using three pictures, three words and a theme that are different each time. When time is up, ...

19) Amazonas
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From Mayfair Games: It's the 19th Century, and you have come to the lush tropical jungles of Amazonas in search of rare plants and animals. You must explore the twisting paths and waterways, leading your expedition from one village to another. Each village offers an opportunity to establish a new outpost. But beware – the Amazonas is not for the timid! Fearsome crocodiles lurk in the tepid waters of the rivers, and hungry jaguars stalk the twilight paths. Do not shy from such dangers too long, for the cost to build a new outpost increases the longer it takes you to ...

20) Trivial Pursuit: Volume 6
Trivial Pursuit: Volume 6
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All-new edition. 4,800 new general knowledge questions in 6 categories. Answer questions correctly to collect all the wedges in your pie. Then race to the center of the game board to win. The same play and categories as past Trivial Pursuit games. ...

21) I Spy Memory Game
I Spy Memory Game
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This is a Memory game based on the "I Spy" line of classic children's books and the photographs of Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo. The catch is that the images aren't exact matches. Instead, one version may be a silhouette or from another angle. According to the instructions, recognizing an object in a different environment is a valuable pre-reading skill. Several variants are provided. Younger players play it just like the classic Memory game by turning over two cards and trying to find the pairs. Older players play it by trying to find the four cards that match objects named in ...

22) Othello
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Flip discs to your color in this classic 19th-century abstract. ...

23) Bunny Hop
Bunny Hop
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There are 5 bunnies in each of 4 colors (red/yellow/green/blue). Underneath each color set of bunnies there are 2 with black pins and 3 with fully colored pins. Those with black pins will not jump when farmer is pressed down and those with fully colored pins will jump when farmer is pressed down. To play: All 20 bunnies are placed randomly in holes of same color on board. Player rolls a 6-sided dice (red/yellow/green/blue/all colors/trade) and picks a bunny same color as that on dice and presses it down into its hole. Then they press the hat of their farmer. If ...

24) Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mansion Game
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mansion Game
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There's a monster lurking in the mystery mansion. If you're the first player to discover who it is and what they're doing to try to scare Scooby Doo and his friends, you win. ...

25) Scooby-Doo! Thrills and Spills
Scooby-Doo! Thrills and Spills
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The first player to move both of their player pieces all the way up the path to the Mystery Machine wins the game. A spinner determines how many spaces you move. If you land on a monster space you wind up the top and set it loose. Any game pieces it knocks over are returned to start. Ages 6 and up Includes: gameboard, plastic mountain pieces, legs, "C" shaped ring, Mystery Machine, top with handle, 8 movers, spinner, 3 monster cards, label sheet and instructions. An "electronic talking" version was later released which is the same game but adds speech ...

26) Electronic Mall Madness
Electronic Mall Madness
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From the box: Attention Mall Shoppers! The voice of the Mall has big news! Come inside and hear all about the giant sales and special bargains! Then join your friends on a wild shopping spree as you rush from store to store! Press the console button and the Voice will tell you where to move and where to find the best sales. Hurry! Your friends may try to beat you to the bargains! See if you can be the first to buy six items. IF you need more money, make a quick stop at the ...

27) Egyptians
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The object of the game is to become Supreme Pharaoh by collecting a full set of Pharaoh Cards and safely entombing them in your pyramid. There are Question/Action Cards and bartering and battling for cards. ...

28) Ocean Labyrinth
Ocean Labyrinth
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Ocean Labyrinth uses the same basic game play as Ravensburger's decades-old title The aMAZEing Labyrinth. Players try to move through a labyrinthine game board in order to reach a desired symbol shown on a game board tile that matches a hidden card held by this player. The game board consists of a number of fixed tiles as well as rows and columns in which tiles can slide back and forth; these tiles show tunnels – T-shaped, straight, and otherwise – and a player can move his token only along the path as it exists on his turn. At the start of ...

29) Wit's End
Wit's End
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In Wit's End, the players all start at the outer ring of a square gameboard; the goal being to reach the center square. This is done by rolling the die, moving along the track and answering a question. Questions can be analogies, slogans or definitions. Other wild cards can influence the outcome of the game. Players must land on certain squares to move up on a right answer, but a wrong answer will demote that player to the lower ring. First to reach the center wins. ...

30) Exago
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The game is played on a hexagonal board. Each player is given six hexagonal tiles of one color (twelve, in a two-player game). In turn, players put one of their tiles on the board, with the goal of getting four-in-a-row, in a straight line. Each new tile must be placed adjacent to another one (not necessarily of their own color). When a player has no more tiles, they can move a tile of their own color to another position. If a group of tiles is isolated due to moving a tile, all isolated tiles (of the smallest group) return to their respective ...

31) Ooga!
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Get your plastic spears ready to hunt dinos! You'll have to catch dinos that are showed on the chief menu of the day. But every player will do it at the same time, so you'll have to be quick and clever to hit n' catch the right dino card with your personal plastic arrow. The slowest player must give his dino card back... When you have collected enough dino cards to fill the menu, you shout "Oooga", take the menu card and draws another one. At the end of the game, the player with the most dinos on his menu cards wins. ...

32) Piranha Panic
Piranha Panic
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From the publisher: Race to escape the feeding frenzy! Escape the jaws of the piranhas! It's a slippery race upstream while you try to get the other players hooked...and eaten! But, watch out. Those hungry piranhas are ready to attack any which way they can! Who will survive?! ...

33) Firefly: Shiny Dice
Firefly: Shiny Dice
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Firefly: Shiny Dice lasts three rounds, and whoever has the most points after three rounds wins. In each round, each player takes one or more turns. On your first turn in a round, you roll all fifteen dice — seven crew dice (brown), three passenger dice (white), and five bad guy dice (black) — then place them in the appropriate places on your display. Crew members and passengers all have unique abilities, some of which involve the option of rerolling dice. After any rerolls, you reveal your mission for the round. If you have dice on your board that match the ...

34) Catan: Junior
Catan: Junior
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Explore the seas! Catan: Junior introduces a modified playing style of the classic Settlers of Catan, giving players as young as five a perfect introduction to the Catan series of games. Catan: Junior takes place on a ring of islands where 2 to 4 players build hideouts and encounter the mysterious Spooky Island, where the Ghost Captain lives. Each island generates a specific resource: wood, goats, molasses or swords, and players can acquire gold. Each player starts with two pirate hideouts on different islands, and they can use the resources they acquire to build ships, hideouts or get help from Coco ...

35) Sirocco
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Publisher's description: "SIROCCO is an exciting game of desert combat for two players. Simple and easy to learn, battle develops fast and furiously!" Each player represents one side in a highly abstracted WWII North Africa desert battle. Using order cards, they maneuver various units and attempt to capture or kill their opponents' general. Basic and advanced rules are included. ...

36) What Do You Meme?: Stoner Expansion Pack
What Do You Meme?: Stoner Expansion Pack
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Perfect images and captions that embody the "Stoner" culture. Includes 65 Cards (50 Caption cards & 15 Photo cards) to be added to core game. Add the cards to their respective decks and play as normal. ...

37) Decrypto
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Decipher your opponents' code before they decipher yours. Don't get caught. ...

38) Dragon Boats of the Four Seas
Dragon Boats of the Four Seas
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In Dragon Boats of the Four Seas, Zhong-Guo, the Middle Kingdom, is an island surrounded by the four Dragon Seas. After a long period of strife, Zhong-Guo has once again been unified and the noble houses rise from the ashes, hoping to cross the Dragon Seas and reach the wealthy vassal states of the former Empire. In Zhong-Guo, Dragons are believed to be good luck and sources of celestial power, so the people make offerings to Dragons at temples and cast coins with the images of Dragons on them to bring fortune at the marketplace. Farmers invoke Dragons ...

39) Spookies
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Description from the publisher: The haunted house looks even scarier than usual in the light of the full moon. The four brave friends and their dog dare to enter the haunted house, but who dares to climb the highest in Spookies? Caution: Dice maneuvers that are too risky may take you further away from victory, so determine your own level of risk in your mission to collect as many "Spookies" as possible while you still can! ...

40) Zoo Ball
Zoo Ball
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Description from the publisher: Zoo Ball is a flicking game with a giant fabric playing mat and customizable teams in which tactics are as important as skill. Face the roar of the crowds, grit your fangs, and prepare to become the king of sports. Push all three defenders to clear a path, or just push your scorer to go for goal. Play head-to-head, or in a four-team free-for-all. Customize your teams as much as you like. That's it. You're ready for the Zoo Ball! ...

41) Pandemic Legacy: Season 2
Pandemic Legacy: Season 2
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The world is a mystery after a devastating pandemic—where will your team go? ...

42) Dominion: Prosperity
Dominion: Prosperity
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Released in late 2010, Prosperity is the 4th addition to the Dominion game family. It adds 25 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus 2 new Basic cards that let players keep building up past Gold and Province. The central theme is wealth; there are treasures with abilities, cards that interact with treasures, and powerful expensive cards. (Source: ) From the back of the box: "Ah, money. There's nothing like the sound of coins clinking in your hands. You vastly prefer it to the sound of coins clinking in someone else's hands, or the sound of coins just sitting there in ...

43) Dominion: Cornucopia
Dominion: Cornucopia
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Autumn. It seemed like the summer would never end, but that fortune teller was right. It's over. Autumn, the time of the harvest. Agriculture has advanced significantly in recent years, ever since the discovery of the maxim, "leaves of three, let it be." Autumn, a time of celebration. The peasants have spent a hard week scything hay in the fields, but tonight the festivities begin, starting with a sumptuous banquet of roast hay. Then, the annual nose-stealing competition. Then you have two jesters, one who always lies, one who always tells the truth, both hilariously. Then, they fight to the ...

44) Dominion: Alchemy
Dominion: Alchemy
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There are strange things going on in your basement laboratories. They keep calling up for more barrels of quicksilver, or bits of your hair. Well it's all in the name of progress. They're looking for a way to turn lead into gold, or at least into something better than lead. That lead had just been too good of a bargain to pass up; you didn't think, where will I put all this lead, what am I going to do with this lead anyway. Well that will all be sorted out. They're also looking for a universal solvent. If they manage ...

45) Dominion: Intrigue
Dominion: Intrigue
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Enlist torturers, swindlers, and saboteurs to gain wealth and dominate the kingdom. ...

46) King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo
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It's a fight to the death when giant monsters battle over Tokyo in this dice-roller. ...

47) Sheriff of Nottingham
Sheriff of Nottingham
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Sell goods for profit, or risk losing it all by slipping contrabands in.... ...

48) Cutthroat Caverns
Cutthroat Caverns
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"Without teamwork, you will never survive. Without betrayal, you’ll never win." Cutthroat Caverns is played over 9 rounds, each with a random encounter. Essentially a game of 'kill stealing'. Each round, any monster encountered will have a prestige value of 1 through 6. The player that successfully jockeys for position and lands the killing blow gets the prestige value for the encounter. Some encounters will not have a specific monster, such as a trap room for the heroes to pass through (and in this case, earning no prestige). The surviving player with the most prestige after the ...

49) Dominion: Seaside
Dominion: Seaside
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Dominion: Seaside is an expansion to both Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue. As such, it does not contain material for a complete game. Specifically, it does not include the basic Treasure, Victory, Curse, or Trash cards. Thus, you will need either the base game or Intrigue to play with this expansion, and you will need to have experience playing Dominion with either of the first two games. It is designed to work with either or both of these sets, and any future expansions that may be published. From the back of the box: "All you ask is a tall ship and a ...

50) Yardmaster
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Collect resources to ship the best goods and create the most valuable train-chain! ...

51) Mr. Jack
Mr. Jack
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The investigator tries to eliminate suspects while Jack tries to escape and hide. ...

52) Small World
Small World
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Control one fantasy race after another to expand quickly throughout the land. ...

53) Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Flash Point: Fire Rescue
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Smoke! Fire! Work as a team to save as many as you can from a blazing inferno. ...

54) Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set
Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set
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Face off against opposing summoners in a battle of force and wits. ...

55) Potion Explosion
Potion Explosion
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Collect and combine ingredients to mix potions and try to become Student of The Year. ...

56) Black Fleet
Black Fleet
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Lead a fleet of ships, collect doubloons, pay the ransom for the governor's daughter. ...

57) Lotus
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Craft beautiful flowers with card combos and insect bonuses. ...

58) World's Fair 1893
World's Fair 1893
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Be the leading exhibitor at the famous fair when the big wheel finally stops. ...

59) Scythe
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Five factions vie for dominance in a war-torn, mech-filled, dieselpunk 1920s Europe. ...

60) Ora et Labora
Ora et Labora
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Manage workers and resources to build up the land around your medieval monastery. ...

61) Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game
Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game
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In space, no one can hear you build a deck of marine & weapon cards to fight aliens. ...

62) Android: Netrunner
Android: Netrunner
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Megacorporation versus Netrunner in this futuristic cyberpunk game of cat and mouse. ...

63) Mariposas
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Guide monarch butterflies on their journey along eastern North America. ...

64) Dice Throne: Season One
Dice Throne: Season One
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Roll dice to trigger skills and defeat your opponents. ...

65) Dice Throne: Season Two – Gunslinger v. Samurai
Dice Throne: Season Two – Gunslinger v. Samurai
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Dice Throne is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities. It's a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all). Select from a variety of heroes that play and feel completely distinct from one another. Attack opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero's unique set of five dice. Accumulate combat points and spend them on cards that have a large range of effects, such as granting permanent hero upgrades, applying status effects, and manipulating dice directly (yours, your teammate's, or even your opponent's). Dice Throne: Season Two introduces a roster of new ...

66) Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc
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Asymmetric factions engage in epic struggle for land and crystal on an alien planet. ...

67) Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
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Interpret forensic evidence to solve a murder. Beware, the murderer may be among you! ...

68) Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King
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Build your kingdom as Chieftain one tile at a time and rule all of Scotland! ...

69) Talisman: Revised 4th Edition
Talisman: Revised 4th Edition
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Journey through fantastic lands in a race to rule with the Crown of Command! ...

70) Ulm
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Use a 3x3 action grid to expand your influence in a medieval city under construction. ...

71) Snakes and Hawks
Snakes and Hawks
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A 2-6 player trick taking card game with twelve versions. ...

72) Forgotten Waters
Forgotten Waters
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Seek fortune and infamy in a fantastical world of piratical misadventure. ...

73) New Angeles
New Angeles
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Play as corporations profiteering off crises, while negotiating to not lose it all. ...

74) Alhambra
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Compete to build the most valuable picturesque walled city in 13th-century Granada. ...

75) Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Pestilence
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Pestilence
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The majestic Birdfolk and mysterious Merfolk join the fight for Aughmoore. ...

76) Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Order and Chaos
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Order and Chaos
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The brave Lionkin, the eerie Undead and more join the fight for Aughmoore. ...

77) Heroes of Land, Air & Sea
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea
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An epic battle for dominance across the mythical land of Aughmoore. ...

78) Dungeon!
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In many ways Dungeon! is similar to Dungeons & Dragons, although much simplified and transformed into a board game. Players explore a dungeon that is divided into levels of increasing difficulty, fighting monsters for valuable treasure. As players venture deeper into the dungeon, the monsters become more difficult and the treasure more valuable. Several character classes each have slightly different fighting abilities – most notably the wizard, who can cast spells. Combat is simulated using dice; players roll the dice to attack a monster, and if unsuccessful, the dice are rolled to determine the effect of the monster's counter-attack. The winner ...

79) Tiny Epic Galaxies
Tiny Epic Galaxies
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Roll your dice and colonize planets, utilizing your energy and culture. ...

80) Tiny Epic Tactics
Tiny Epic Tactics
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Control a team of heroes to take control of a landscape made from the box of the game ...

81) Tiny Epic Quest
Tiny Epic Quest
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Push your luck to fight goblins, explore temples, and learn spells. ...

82) Pokémon Master Trainer
Pokémon Master Trainer
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Based on the Nintendo Pokemon franchise, each player becomes a Pokemon Trainer (represented by Ash Ketchum figures) making his way around the pre-made board map to get to Indigo Plateau where he can challenge the current, reigning Pokemon Champion (represented by cards) to a battle with the Pokemon he's collected on the trip there. Item Cards give you or your creatures special powers and players can battle each other as well. ...

83) 7 Wonders
7 Wonders
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Draft cards to develop your ancient civilization and build its Wonder of the World. ...

84) Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
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Build two decks. Fight on battles and at Court. Take your Clan to Honor and Glory. ...

85) Star Wars: Destiny
Star Wars: Destiny
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Duel with teams of heroes and villains from the galaxy far, far away. ...

86) Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
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Hunt, fish, and gather in this Stone Age version of the tile-laying classic. ...

87) Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets
Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets
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What secrets are lurking in the shadows of King Ludwig's castle? Dozens of hidden swans are scattered throughout thirty new rooms in Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets. Ludwig is particularly fond of these swans, which provide both much-needed cash at any time or can be collected for big bonuses at the end of the game. Surrounding and protecting your castle are new moats, making every room inside it even more valuable. The King has come up with more favors, including one for creating courtyards. Finally, secret passages enhance connections and muffle sound from activity rooms. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: ...

88) Pandemic: Rapid Response
Pandemic: Rapid Response
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Cooperatively organize and manage the response to pandemic viral threats in real time ...

89) Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
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The 10 year anniversary of alea is celebrated with an expansions box: the Schatzkiste. A medium sized box, containing 10 expansions for 6 alea games. New buildings for Puerto Rico The Jeweler expansion for Puerto Rico New buildings for San Juan Event Cards for San Juan Nine new cards for Notre Dame A small set of new events for In the Year of the Dragon Building the Chinese wall for In the ...

90) Escape from the Hidden Castle
Escape from the Hidden Castle
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Although billed as a children's game, Escape from the Hidden Castle, a.k.a. Midnight Party, is actually quite enjoyable by adults as a light, fun game. Each player controls a number of guests at a party, with the number of guests dependent on the number of players. These guests start the round in the spaces of the gallery on the game board, one guest per space; this initial placement is a large part of a player's strategy. Hugo the ghost starts in the cellar, then climbs the stairs towards the gallery where the guests circle. The mechanism for Hugo's movement is simple: ...

91) Crude: The Oil Game
Crude: The Oil Game
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In Crude: The Oil Game, players take on the role of oil company CEOs, seeking to expand their companies into multi-national energy mega-corporations. Just as with real world energy companies, player will setup facilities for oil drilling, oil pumping, oil refining into gasoline, and gasoline selling to the consumer... all of which are represented by actual plastic pieces placed on the board! Players also speculate by buying and selling oil and gasoline barrels in both the domestic and foreign markets... again represented by actual plastic barrels in their playing area! However, the changing economic climate, as well as sudden ...

92) 20th Century
20th Century
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Build a prosperous country while avoiding environmental catastrophes. ...

93) Sentinels of the Multiverse
Sentinels of the Multiverse
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A diverse cast of superheroes work together to foil the plans of evil villains. ...

94) Zogen
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In Zogen, a.k.a. ゾーゲン, the player researchers want to rid themselves of their microorganism cards as quickly as they can, but they can do so only by observing the current lab environment and watching the one thing that changes, then "recording" it by playing their card. In more detail, each player starts with a hand of sixteen cards, with each card showing 0-4 types of microorganisms, which are named "Maru", "Tsuki", "Yama", and "Siri". The start player for the round places one of their cards face up on the table, then everyone plays at once, trying to lay down a card ...

95) You Robot
You Robot
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Each team includes a scientist and his robot. The scientist must try and make their robot partner take a position, without saying anything, by showing them movement cards. The first team whose robot gets to the required position earns a point. The first team to 5 points wins. ...

96) You Must Be an Idiot!
You Must Be an Idiot!
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Clever trivia game with a twist. Each round, a rotating "genius" chooses a question for the other players to answer. One or more of those players might be randomly (and secretly) designated as "idiots", in which case they must write an incorrect answer. There are several ways to score points: get the answer right when you're not an idiot; correctly accuse an idiot; avoid getting found out when you're an idiot; or trick others into accusing you when you're not an idiot. These scoring dynamics lead to plenty of interesting decisions, making this much more interesting and tactical than ...

97) Yardmaster Express
Yardmaster Express
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In Yardmaster Express, two to five players compete to have the highest valued train after a set number of rounds. The game starts with the first player drafting a Railcar card from his hand, attaching it to his train, then passing the rest of his hand to the player to his left. This draft continues until all players have added one Railcar to their train for each round of the game. The trick is, while each new Railcar must match the resource type or value of the one previously played, players always have the option to play any card face ...

98) Yahtzee: Texas Hold'em
Yahtzee: Texas Hold'em
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Description from the box For high-rolling, high-stakes fun, you can't beat the winning combination of Yahtzee and Texas Hold'Em poker! The trick is to make the best 5-dice "hand" from your two personal pocket dice and 5 up-for-grabs dice. Each roll could shift your strategy: will two pair become three of a kind or a full house? Will you go for broke with an all-in-bet? At showdown time, the player with the best poker hand wins the chips. The ultimate hand is a Yahtzee flush: 5-of-a-kind in the same color "suit"! Gameplay Each player blind draws two dice from the bag and places them ...

99) Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game
Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game
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It's the "Yahtzee Hands Down" Card Game! Keep your wits about you and your eye on the cards! Collect dice cards to make classic combinations - 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, small straight, full house and YAHTZEE! Re-roll by discarding cards you don't need and taking a chance on new ones! But here's the twist... pit your hand against another player's. Score high and win the Combo card points! Great Yahtzee fun in a card game! ...

100) Worm Up!
Worm Up!
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In this fun, goofy game, each player controls a worm formed from several lined-up discs. A turn consists of all players secretly choosing on their dice the amount that they want to move. When the choices are simultaneously revealed, all players who chose the same number as someone else lose their movement for that turn. All other players move their worms according to their dice, taking the appropriate number of discs from the back of the worms and adding them to the front, sometimes curving a bit in an attempt to cut off other worms' movement. ...